Creating transformation through the innovation

We are an independent, impartial, neutral and autonomous research centre and think-tank institute in the field of public and corporate governance.

We believe that the governance, as the execution of governing policies and strategies, in today’s circumstances requires far more attention. Globalisation, migrations, social diversity, segregation, inequalities tailor the ambient we live in. The governance has to adapt, locally and globally, in the minds and acts, structures and functioning.

In this respect, our intention is to add to our expertise and approach to the complex phenomenon of change. Our experience points out that change can be successful only when it’s reasonable. Therefore, the change has to be logical and useful, and when perceived in such a way it becomes a need.

In our work, we combine scientific research, think tank ideation and operational interventions.

As for the research, we use typical social research methods. We rigorously investigate the existing body of knowledge, scrutinise the available research and perform systematic scientific inquiries. We collaborate with reputable universities, research centres and social institutes. We strongly rely our work on critical thinking and diligent heuristic challenging.

Ideation is our forte! We love to think about and discuss ideas. We think bold and we are intolerable to group-think or fixedness. We inexorably seek for new views, approaches, solutions. We observe the ambient holistically, observing an individual cognition in the frame of the entirety.

And as of operationalization of the thoughts, ideas, innovations, we combine scientific and managerial approaches to intervention. We love challenging tasks, like interventions in the setting where the ambient does not think they have a problem.