Creating transformation through the innovation

We are an independent group of thinkers who wants to contribute to public life. We are not politicians, but we want to do better the way society operate. We believe that new ideas can influence the usual public and social discourse and make things differently better.

We base our ideas on scientific research. We use validated methods of research, think out-of-the-box, ideate and innovate. We ask questions, challenge existing routines and critically think. Our aim is to recognize cognitive biases and constraints, induce creative thoughts and new ideas.

The idea must meet certain prerequisites to be considered as innovation. In that sense the innovation must be:

  1. Logical – that solution is reasonable considering available and applicable facts.
  2. Useful – that solution fulfils the purpose and completeness of the idea being put to use.
  3. Doable – that solution can be achieved or successfully implemented.
  4. Sustainable – that solution is self-sufficient and tenable without additional external support.
  5. Acceptable – that solution is acceptable in its operationalized form.

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