Creating transformation through the innovation

Strategic politics projects relate to the matters which involves complex interstate relationships. Considering existing international circumstances, the projects wish to explore new political narratives and research new perspectives. Our projects are Eurocentric and mainly touching the topics around security, defence and of the strategic direction of the Union.

Some of our project pitches are:

English language as the Official Language of the EU 
For years the EU is struggling with the language limitations. Although an encouragement of diversity and inclusivity are valuable, the difficulties in practices represent a severe obstruction in work. Due to Brexit, language matter has got a completely new perspective. This research wishes to explore the feasibility of the English language as the official language of the EU.

United Defence Forces of the EU
United European defence is a very sensitive subject of the EU. Besides the historical difficulties, there are many practical problems that complicate and weaken the possibility of the formation of the defence forces as the essential need of the EU. This research wishes to explore an alternative perspective to the existing and usual perception of the defence structure.

The reduced VAT tax rate for the electronic payments
Cash payment brings different kinds of undesirable effects for the government. For the fact, the grey economy, but also a black one, in a form of money laundering, bribery and corruption are simply enabled through the uncontrolled flow of cash. Therefore, the government should be interested to encourage electronic payments institutionally.