Creating transformation through the innovation

Scientific research should be a fundamental precondition for any improvement. It may give an objective insight into existing social aspects and organizational settings. It leads to unveiling hidden constraints and obstacles and helps in the understanding of working ambient. Through the instruments of systematic inquiry, it can lead to an innovative model of improvement and achieving a desirable working practice.

There are three main outputs emerging from the research scope of work.
First is a Project pitch, the form of an internally motivated inquiry with the aim to be offered to the public interest. Second is a Project proposal, as a formal offer of research initiated by another party’s question or need. And the third is a Research project, which is the comprehensive research activity as the result of a previously arranged agreement.

A) Research pitch

A research pitch is an output in the form of a brief document with a purpose to describe the research topic and raise the interest in the research of another party. It consists of the following aspects of the research:

  1. The problem of the research – description of the problem in the existing social context, including influencing aspects which help in the understanding of the cause of the problem.
  2. The solution to the problem – suggests the concrete proposal of the solution for the elimination of the cause of the problem.
  3. Business model – propose the strategy of the operationalization of the solution.
  4. Difference to existing practice – analyse existing literature, researches and practices with emphasise of the appropriateness of the solution.
  5. Following actions – defines expected and needed actions from the interested party.

B) Research proposal

A research proposal is a formal document initiated with the request of another party. It may be based on the interest to research pitch or an authentic request for needs. The document consists of:

  1. Research rationale – definition of the research problem, including research question and research objectives.
  2. Literature Review – includes a review of the known literature and rigid inspection of the previous findings.
  3. Research design –interpreting the research type, method and research techniques.
  4. Resources needed – description of the project plan, timetable, schedule and resource needed for a project.

C) Research project

A research project is a comprehensive activity of planning, performing and delivering the answer to the research question. It includes a multidisciplinary approach and operationalization of the scientific inquiry. It includes the following activities:

  1. Assessment of body of knowledge – rigorous and deep exploration of existing research literature; validating of research design, assessing research instruments
  2. Pilot study – thorough examination and testing of the chosen research design based on the sample data.
  3. Data collection and analysis – performing actual data collection
  4. Interpreting data and conclusions – data analysis and drawing conclusions
  5. Writing and delivery of the research report – formulation of research results.