Creating transformation through the innovation

Scientific research should be a fundamental precondition for any improvements; it gives an objective insight into existing social aspects and organisational settings. It unveils hidden constraints and obstacles and helps in the understanding of the working environment. Through the instruments of systematic inquiry, it leads to an innovative model of improvement, achieving a desirable operational practice.

There are two ways of how we initiate a research project. First one is an internally motivated inquiry with the aim to be offered to the public interest. The second is a formal project proposal of the research initiated by another party’s question or need.

A research pitch

The research pitch is a brief document with the purpose to describe the research topic and raise the interest in the subject matter. It consists of an outline of the following aspects of the research:

  1. The subject of the research – Description of the problem in the existing social, economic and political context, including the influencing aspects which help in the understanding the cause of the problem.
  2. The solution to the problem – Suggestion of the preferred options for the concrete proposal to the solution. For the elimination of the cause of the problem.
  3. Business model – Proposal of the outline strategy of the methodology operationalisation of the solution.
  4. Difference to existing practice – Analysis of the current literature, researches and practices with the emphasis of the appropriateness of the solution in the working procedures.
  5. Following actions – Offer of the outline of results and needed actions from the interested party in the application of the solution.

As a result, the research project pitch to other parties through the usual public communication channels, whereby an interested party can express the interest and possible disposition to the project development.

A research proposal

A research proposal is a formal document initiated by the request of another party. It’s triggered as the result of the research pitch or an original application. The proposal form consists of a detailed description of the project including research rationale, literature review of the existing body of knowledge, research design and detailed description of the project plan, timetable, schedule and resource needed for a project.

Based on the research proposal, the other side can obtain the funds needed for the project initiation.