Creating transformation through the innovation

These projects relate to the matters in the domain of government and public governance. They represent the internal state affairs which the main objective is to explore opportunities for improvement of existing public services and practices. Most of the projects are inclining to innovation through critical thinking and an opening new views and approaches that consequently could change the usual narratives and perception of the public services.

Some of our project pitches are:

4+1 Day Working Week
The decline of the working force competences through time is a fact. Five days working week does not leave too much time, money and initiative for individual development. Consequently, the worker is losing usable skills, the company is losing a competent workforce, the government is losing employability of the people. This project wishes to explore the possibility of introduction of one day in a week, dedicated for personal development of worker subsidized by the state.

Open Governance Digitalization

This project wants to research the Open Governance model, which is inspired by the Open Banking initiative. Actually, Open Banking enforced a rigid banking system to open to other service providers, which have brought up the rapid innovation and explosion of fintech businesses. This project wants to explore the feasibility of opening public governance to the private sector what could improve the public governance services in the same way.