Creating transformation through the innovation


Open Governance represents the transforming of the government and public administration services through the on-line digitization opened to businesses to offer their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to the market.
Ref. PG-OGD_13X20


The digitalisation of the government and public administration services is:

  • Slow due to the inertia of the public administration and forging of the procurement process.
  • Expensive in the development phase due to lack of knowledge and experience in software development and disinterest in the development results.
  • Expensive in the maintenance because the significant expenses are tied with repairs, improvements and upgrades which are already unfavourably arranged in the procurement process.
  • Inattentive because there are no interests in a vigilant software solution.


Setting up an environment opened to engagement of the software development businesses would significantly speed up the digitalization process. The businesses would be interested in development of the profitably solutions including an active further development and adjustment according to market needs.


The governance and public administration already have computer systems in place and many of them are suitable for open access. The access would be defined with Open Governance regulation (such as Open Banking that has opened the banking sector for fintech companies) for the govtech businesses.

In Open Governance form the businesses would make software solutions which would provide services as public administration for the smaller fee, on a faster and more adaptable way comparing to regular services.


Existing practice of the digitalisation of the public services are usually supported within the internal needs and procured from outsourced services. It is strictly defined by government funding and directly dependent on the government digitalisation appetites.


As the following step, funding must be secured as necessary for comprehensive research which would all the included feasibility of the approach.