Creating transformation through the innovation

The consultancy is the active part of our activities. While the research and think-tank are more of scientific and of intellectual activity, the consultancy is the operationalisation of the research thesis and realisation of specific interventions. In other words, the consultancy gives life to the theories.

Our consultancy focus is on the implementation of the new, and the improvement of existing internal policies, processes and procedures. It spans over internal practices and overall organisational culture. It is an effective method in identifying a groupthink phenomenon, recognising fixedness, pointing out organisational biases and blind spots, including the interaction with the external.

We are practising two consulting approaches.

First, it refers to the implementation of proven standardised methodologies and well-known frameworks which are in utilisation to improve existing processes in a specific social environment and organisational settings. Among others, it includes complaint handlings and dispute resolution, governance management, whistleblowing management, sustainable procurement, social responsibility etc.

Second, it’s focused on improving existing practices. It relies on the research of existing processes, performing functional-structural-relational modelling and discovering obsolete and redundant components and elements of the functions. The goal of this approach is improving through the elimination of outdated components, assigning additional elements or binding together component and joining existing ones to other processes.

Although the approaches have different access angles both of them are supported with four models of change: adjustment – alteration – transition – transformation, and they are fundamentally supportive of digitalisation of the process and working practices.