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4+1 Day Working Week proposes four working days plus one day allocated for continuous individual development, subsidized by the government.
Ref. PG-4+1DWW_13X20


A 5-day working week leaves no room for support of the development of worker’s individual competences. From one side, organization is not motivated because they are facing too much expenses, investment in development itself, loss of the workforce over employees’ absence, and regular day wage. On another hand, the employee certainly lacks of free time needed for education after the work, so investment in self-development is very demanding decision that asks for strong personal and family dedication for support.

As a consequence, employee’s knowledge and competitiveness decreases over time, what eventually reflects to the society and government due to decline of the employability.


As a solution the 4+1 Day Working Week propose four working days plus one day allocated for continuous individual development, subsidized by the government.

This way the organization would be more motivated to support employee’s development, raise organizational competency, and overall get more competent employees. Employees would get enough free time for professional development, having time to partake with family while still receiving regular salary. And government would support job retention, expand work employability, and grow the national human capital index.  


The 4+1 Day Working Week would include four working days and one dedicated to professional development. The wage would be cover full 5 days week where the 1 day would be subsidized by the government. The education day could cover the internal company education for the career development within the company or as an external education of the employees’ choice which may be used for the switch of the job or an occupation.


Although the current practice does not envisage such a model, recently the four days working week subsidized by government was already considered as the relief measure for Covid-19 but fifth day for education was not taken in consideration.


The funding of the research on the viability of the 4+1 Day Working Week is needed. The research would include a comprehensive study of the practicability including public and private interests.