Innovating governance

Governance transformation through the innovation.


Research of an environment in the existing moment offer possibility to determine objectives, directions, and measures for successful innovation.


Ideating can bring up disruptive and innovative ideas and propose an innovation that can improve existing working environment and practices.


Conveying the improvement to the working setting in the most convenient way represents a success in delivering intervention and innovation.

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Improving  governance through innovation in governance!


Expanding the capacities of governance through the innovation in usual practices.

Through combining science, research and innovation we raise abilities of governance in order to achieve the desired results in practices. We navigate through the interventions and shape the working environment for better.


As a research centre, we apply a scientific approach to the political, social and business aspects of public and corporate governance with consideration for the welfare of those involved. We provide objective and evidence-based research that can support strategic decision-making.


As a think-tank institute, we critically think and challenge usual practices and existing work routines. We search for new perspectives and approaches. We promote novel ideas and innovate governance.


As consultancy experts, we help in the execution of the intervention, based on the research results and think-tank conclusions. We actively combine research and practice in order to improve working ambient.

⬢ Public governance

Public governance is our professional interest in which we aim to improve existing and ultimately reliable accountable public practices. To do so, we combine the multidisciplinary methods of research, think-tank and design the approaches through our consultancy which could help in the achievement of the objectives.


⬢ Corporate governance

Corporate governance is another field of our interests. Here too we work with our partners in the improvement of corporate governance practices. In our work, we promote fundamental practices of ethics, transparency, accountability and responsibility, through the use of comprehensive approaches of the research, think-tank, and consulting, we create managerial and governing improvements.


Research portfolio

We perform scientific research activities based on our interests and client needs, which can be distributed into the following fields:

Strategic politics

Strategic politics projects fall into the domain of international relations and the exploration of new political narratives. The projects are mainly focused on security, defence, and the strategic direction.

Public governance

Research in this domain relates to innovation in governance practices and the improvement of public services. The projects wish to explore new approaches and perspectives in public governance.

Corporate governance

Research in the domain of corporate governance relates to business operations. These projects wish to explore new approaches and models of work and the working environement to innovate and improve doing business.


Latest from Our Minds

We cannot stop ideating. We think extensively about our life, society, ambient, relationships. About everything that matters for all of us. We scrutinise, challenge, question, invent and innovate.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Monetization of the personal data is so cool idea that could lead our operations on a completely new level. The approach identified by these guys was spectacular! Sometimes you simply need a nonconformist with a clear head!

Greta Nilsson


The research made on a dedicated day in a week for the development of knowledge and competencies has opened a completely new perspective to our work. It is a promising approach that could develop a true innovation culture!

David Smith

Unilaw Global

The digitalization is simplistically considered as the internetization, which is completely wrong. But the concept we have reached in the project set out the completely new paradigm which may become a new and very promising thing!

Fabrizio Goudane



Our Squad

This is our troupe. Every project is a new campaign with new setups, altered circumstances and unpredictable developments. That’s why we are almost superheroes in a battle for better.

Zvonimir Zavacki


An innovator, strategist, critical mind.

Linda Davis


A communicator, enthusiast, promoter.

Frederick Kras


A generalist, literalist, challenger.

Micaela Marquez


A listener, supporter and patron.